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The networking device like the router has the default IP address and that IP address is private IP address. The default IP address must be valid what works for login to the router when it is necessary to setup settings from the router control panel. The default IP address is set by the manufacturer and the user needs to use that IP address for login or making any change in the router. The default IP address can be changed easily and there is no serious matter but there are some rules what users need to follow for forming the IP address. If the IP address is not formed by those rules, then it becomes invalid and it does not work for login to the router. The user cannot save the false or invalid IP address in the router. The router must show error message.

The Default and valid IP address is and invalid IP address is 192.168.01. Now check both IP address and find the difference between the valid and invalid IP address. So, you will find one dot is not set in the invalid IP address. One single dot may create a serious difference between the valid and invalid IP address. In the valid IP address, there are 4 dots and no letter or any other sign is used. The valid IP address follow correct IP address class and it must not go beyond the IP address range. The IP address of Class C starts with and end by and this is the valid IP address range. If any IP address is created beyond the IP address range, it becomes false or invalid IP address.

The default IP address is found in the router box or on the back side of the router with login credentials. The default IP address is used on the browser address bar and press the enter button and the login page will appear where the login credentials are used. The login page does not come if the IP address is used 192.168.01 instead of Many people complain on different sites and forums that they get error message when they apply the IP address and get error message. Most of the home routers use the default IP address as That is why, many home routers user make same mistake using false IP address like 192.168.01. However, experts members of the groups and forums easily solve such problem by fixing the invalid IP address to valid IP address.

If you face any problem when you type the IP address, then you must check the IP address and make sure that you have used valid IP address. You should check the IP address again and confirm that you have not any wrong sign. Still, you get any error message or you cannot connect with the router, then you should check the connection cable between the router and the computer and check the router is turned. You may read the manual to get knowledge and get connection successfully.